Did you happen to notice Batman roaming around the streets of Langford on Wednesday?

After receiving multiple reports of the sighting, we decided to do a little investigating and here is what we learned.

Remember Ryan Leslie? Back in March, he dressed up in a pink tutu and walked 125km, all the way from Nanaimo to Victoria, to raise funds for anti-bullying initiatives.

Now he is taking on a new role as Batman – patrolling the streets to make children in the community feel safer, bring a smile to people’s faces and inspire a little more good in the world.

“I think its important to stay vigilant about the clown scare, but I also think it’s important for the community, especially the children, to know that people (parents), such as myself will do what we have to do to keep our community safe in a positive manner,” Ryan tells Victoria Buzz.

“I’ve been following these clown stories the last few weeks, and wanted to do something to make children in the community feel a little more at ease and also to make people smile,” he adds.

So Ryan put on the suit after only showcasing it the night before, and began his journey through the streets of Langford.  He also stopped into Tim Horton’s and purchased 25 random people their coffee in hopes they will pay it forward.

“I walked all over Langford stopping for photos and videos. People were waving, honking and Yelling BATMAN out their windows. My favourite was having the parents stop me on the road or coming up to me so their kids could say “hi” to Batman,” Ryan says with a smile.

Expect to see Ryan… oops, Batman roaming around the streets again!

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