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Recently there’s been a lot of discussion over downtown parking in the city of Victoria. Many local businesses have claimed there isn’t enough parking downtown, while others have said the city needs to address the larger issue of overhauling Victoria’s transportation infrastructure.

Many attribute new lot developments, the increase in bike lanes, and a general increase in traffic downtown as catalysts for the debate around parking.

The City – in conjunction with local businesses, the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA), and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce – has come up with some short-term solutions such as reviewing downtown parking rates. However, many continue to protest the lack of parking.

As a result, Victoria Buzz decided to come up with a few suggestions on where additional parking could be implemented. None of the following suggestions have been approved, or even proposed (as far as we know), but are merely areas that could be used for extra parking.

1. Save on Foods Memorial Centre

The Save on Foods Memorial Centre is the perfect location for an additional parkade. Not only is close to the city, but it has space behind the arena to expand, is close to Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre, and would provide more parking for arena events.

It could also be a great location to have those with monthly parkade pass to park, freeing up the downtown parkades –  a shuttle service to and from might help sell that.

2. Court House (aka the old tent city)

The province already has plans to turn the former tent city behind the courthouse into a playground, but if that for whatever reason that falls through,  it’s also a large area for a potential parking lot and is close to downtown.

3. Ogden Point

Not only does Ogden Point have the space to accommodate a parkade, but it’s close to downtown and is hot-spot for tourists during the summer months.

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Where do you think the City could accommodate some downtown parking in Victoria?

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