Suspects arrested in theft of young golfer’s donation jar

Victoria police have arrested two men believed to be involved in the theft of a donation jar.

The jar belonged to 14-year-old Cindy Koira, a young golfer who is raising money to take part in a tournament in Scotland.

The young golfer was out collecting with her dad on December 30th in the 900 block of Yates Street in the mid afternoon.

While the girl was getting warm inside a store, the father stayed behind to mind the table, and that’s when a man dressed all in black approached the table, reached down, took the jar of money and fled the area.  The father gave chase but fell trying to catch the suspects.

One of the suspects was taken into custody and later released.

The other man was arrested Saturday and given a court date and conditions. Upon his release, police say he damaged a door at the police station and was re-arrested.

The attending officer replaced the stolen $160 the young golfer had raised.

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