Image: Youtube screenshot showing drug deal taking place in the 800-block of Pandora Ave.

VicPD have publicly responded to the issue of open drug dealing in the 800-block of Pandora Ave, following three videos posted to YouTube last week.

The videos which in total have received several thousand views, were brought to the attention of VicPd’s Community Services Section via a Reserve Constable.

In a statement issued over the weekend, VicPD say they have been working with businesses in the area over the past few weeks to come up with solutions to the ongoing loitering and open drug dealing.

Businesses are being encouraged to use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Designs (CPTED) principles, to address the problems. CPTED deters crime through landscaping and building design where people can see and be seen; better lighting; and physical barriers and visual markers delineating ownership of a space, among others.

800-block of Pandora Ave image via Google Maps

VicPd in their response also state, “We are aware that fencing is going up, and we believe this will create some displacement.” The new fence will block off a stairwell and alcove on a private property, in the vicinity of where the videos showed people conducting drug deals.

Police state that the investigation is ongoing into the people in the videos.

According to police, “members of the Community Services Division and Patrol division have made the area a priority and enforcement targeting the drug traffickers in the area has been occurring all week.”

The public is encouraged to report directly to the department any concerns or complaints regarding criminal activity by calling the non-emergency number at 250-995-7654.

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