If you have walked, ridden a bike, or driven into downtown lately, you’ve probably seen some signs of the work.

Construction started back in October, and crews have been turning the north side of Pandora Street into a two-way bicycle track, from Cook Street, all the way to the new Johnson Street Bridge construction site.  It should be complete some time this spring.

We took a walk down the route today, and captured these photos.

Near Store Street.

File_006 (32).jpeg
File_003 (48).jpeg
File_001 (75).jpeg

Near Government Street.

File_002 (58).jpeg
File_001 (64).jpeg
File_003 (50).jpeg
File_002 (69).jpeg

Near Douglas Street. (Beside City Hall)

File_001 (90).jpeg

Between Blanshard and Douglas Street.

File_005 (43).jpeg
File_003 (62).jpeg
File_000 (79).jpeg

Near Vancouver Street.

File_005 (14).jpeg
File_000 (26).jpeg



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