Dog walkers could be in for a paw-sitively momentous change in their routine.

In a proposal that has thus far had mixed reviews, the Capital Regional District is looking to either ban professional dog walkers in public parks, or limit the number of dogs they are allowed to bring.

This proposal was put forth in light of complaints received by mayor of View Royal, David Screech.

These grievances are mainly from people with small dogs, children, seniors and non-dog lovers who feel threatened by large numbers of off-leash dogs.

Screech also argues that dog-walkers practically run businesses in regional parks, which other organizations are not allowed to do.

If this motion goes through, however, it will negatively impact several responsible dog walking businesses, who would have to either lay off employees, or leave the business altogether.

Other park users have maintained that although newcomers to the industry may not be as responsible, most commercial dog walkers are well organized and able to handle their dogs quite well.

For now, it is business as usual for dog walkers in Victoria, until the CRD decides on its next move.

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