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For university students in Victoria, the month of April is much more gloomy than the beautiful weather outside suggests.‘Tis the season of final exams and term papers, large coffees and all-nighters, and we are here to support you through it all!

If you’re tired of doing rounds in the McPherson library trying to find open study spots, here’s a list of a few other places you can try instead.

1 – Student Union Building – Upper Lounge

This beautiful room in the Student Union Building is spacious, has plenty of natural light, and a variety of seating choices. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is also a space where people go for some quiet studying (or a quick 20-minute nap). Be sure to get there early if you’re looking for a long, uninterrupted study session – the Upper Lounge usually closes at 4.30PM.

2 – Clearihue classrooms (after dark)

On the flip side, if you prefer studying after hours, check out Clearihue. This building is famous for being the only one on campus that is left unlocked all night. There’s even a vending machine that dispenses coffee – but it doesn’t always work, so bring your own coffee, just to be safe!

3 – Petch Fountain in the sun

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather while it lasts! The soothing sounds of flowing water at the Petch Fountain is a favourite for students that need to get some reading done, all while soaking up the beautiful west coast sun.

4. Finnerty Gardens

If you love the outdoors, but prefer to study in solitude, grab your books and head to Finnerty Gardens. There’s plenty of benches and grassy shaded lawns for you to spread out on!

5. Fine Arts Building

This one is a new personal favourite. The large steps in the Fine Arts building lobby are perfect for a group study session or project – there’s even a power outlet to help you out!

6 – Cornett Study Room

You won’t have to navigate Cornett’s complex architectural design to find this gem. This study room is located right in the courtyard at the centre of the building, and usually, has plenty of room to work.

7 – Fraser Building Common Room

The law library is usually pretty daunting for a lot of non-law students to study in – plus you will be labelled a S.N.A.I.L. (Student Not Actually In Law) if you do. But the common room in the Murray and Anne Fraser Building is far more casual, yet quiet. Best of all, it’s open to everyone and even has a ping-pong table for when you need a study break.

8 – Law Library

But if you are a Law student, there’s no better or resourceful place to study than the Law library – especially when you get to hang out with this cutie for a little exam de-stressing!

So this exam season, check out some of these study spots to see if they work better for you.

What are some of your favourite places to work? Let us know in the comments!