The 5 remaining stumps after someone took the other 15.

Parents and students of Quadra Elementary School are stumped on what happened to several logs and stumps (yes, tree stumps) they were saving for a nature play space.

A person identifying themselves as Bonnie – a “Quadra school parent volunteer” – wrote a Facebook post pleading with those who may have accidentally taken the stumps to bring them back.

“If this was you, could you please return them? All the stumps had been donated by people in the community,” said the parent. They added that they were using the stumps as an enhancement for a space where students and the community could enjoy and feel connected to nature.

A neighbour apparently spotted seeing someone loading some of the stumps into the back of a truck. The stumps were “flagged off”, but the Facebook post made it clear that “we never even considered someone taking them.”

The Facebook post concludes by asking whoever took the stumps to “do the right thing” by returning them.

MISSING STUMPS! Victoria friends, please share! Dear person who took our stumps, If you took them thinking they were…

Posted by Victoria Nature School on Monday, May 1, 2017

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