Harbour Air's newest terminal just became home to 10 000 Honey Bees as well as 50 solar panels. (Harbour Air)

Victorians might notice a little extra buzz in the city this summer.

Harbour Air’s newest terminal just became home to 10 000 Honey Bees as well as 50 solar panels.

Housed in four beehives, the insect populations are expected to grow to over 200 000.

Flyers will also be able to engage with the bees and panels through a newly-installed screen in the airport lounge.

Viewers can track the solar panels’ energy output as well as monitor their upstairs neighbours using a “bee cam”.

Bill Fosdick, the president of the Capital Region Beekeepers Association, will oversee the introduction of the bee colony.

“Harbour Air is making an important contribution to the Victoria ecosystem,” said Fosdick. “[The hives are] ensuring we have enough bees for our plants to pollinate.”

This isn’t Harbour Air’s first kick at the environmentally friendly can. The BC-based airline has a long history of sustainability, becoming North America’s first carbon-neutral airline back in 2007 and contributing to several conservation projects.

Homegrown Initiatives

The introduction of both the solar panels and the beehives grew from Harbour Air staff suggestions.

“First came the bee idea, and then the idea of generating our own electricity to help run the airport really caught on,” said Harbour Air President Randy Wright. “We’re continuing this commitment to the environmental health of British Columbians and the planet by introducing these bee hives and solar panels, to show that companies and their employees can act locally to make meaningful contributions to sustainability.”

Harbour Air’s newest additions add to a growing beekeeping business community. A series of hotels have added hives recently, including The Fairmont Empress, Chateau Victoria, and Westin Bear Mountain.


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