Producer Amar Mirchandani and Helicopter Pilot/Youtuber Bradley Friesen took 3 Syrian refugees, Ayet, Omer, and Hozan for an experience most people only get to see through photos or videos.

Watch as they pile into a helicopter and experience the grand splendor of British Columbia from the sky. Along with appreciating the incredible scenery, each refugee offers a glimpse into their conflicts back home and their first impressions of Canada.

Having fled their homeland in search of peace and safety, surely such a wondrous experience will inspire some hope and optimism.

Check it out!

First impressions

Ayet: “Last night I couldn’t sleep remembering the sounds of airstrikes and helicopters in Syria, it gave me fear and panic and reminds me of war. I was excited to come face my fear and see the amazing nature of British Columbia and Canada.”


Omer: “When I came to Canada I felt safe .. they (the people) are friendly and helpful, they like to help us. They don’t have disrespect or any other type of discrimination.”



Hozan: “When I came to Canada I was surprised that the law was enforced, I felt secured and happy that people’s rights were protected here.”