Smoky Victoria Sunset
Photo via Instagram @canonphotog1

If you’ve been outside in Victoria today, you’ll notice that our regularly scheduled blue-sky programming has been interrupted by a smoky haze.

We’ve compiled a collection of some of Instagram’s most astounding photos of our city’s smoke-filled skies.

But though these pics might be a treat for the eyes, Victoria’s red skies also act as a reminder of the havoc being wreaked by wildfires on communities in British Columbia’s interior.

Today, the James Bay Inn is hosting the second day of a fundraiser for victims of the wildfires. All proceeds from sales of their BC Benefit burgers will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

You can also donate directly by clicking here.

Red Sky At Night…

The smoke’s arrival yesterday made for an apocalyptic-looking sunset. Predictably, Victoria’s photography community jumped at the chance.

Check out the martian-looking results below:

Inner Harbour sunset Photo by Doug Clement Photography

Posted by Victoria Buzz on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smoky Sunrise

And the amazing, other-worldly photos didn’t end with last night’s sunset. Already, plenty of eerie shots of this morning’s sunrise have started to trickle onto Instagram.