V2V Empress
The V2V Empress catamaran (Kenny S Zhang)

V2V Vacations’ passenger ferry operating between Vancouver and Victoria is currently out of service. The company cited mechanical issues with one of its vessel’s engines.

Alternative methods of transportation are being made for those who are pre-booked to travel with V2V Vacations over the next four weeks. 

Reaching Out To Customers

The company said it will be contacting all affected customers directly to offer alternative modes of transportation.

“The V2V team is doing everything we can to work through these issues and get the V2V Empress back into operation,” V2V Vacations said in a statement. 

“In our first year of operations, these unfortunate delays are not unexpected. Our goal is to ensure the smoothest ride possible, and by taking these necessary repairs we continue to show our commitment to safety and comfort above all else. “

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