Pack some extra clothing – these events will scare your socks off!

No Halloween is complete without a loss of composure, the feeling you’re being watched, and that high pitched scream you wish no one heard.

Which is why we selected five of the scariest activities around Victoria – to help you make your Halloween complete.

Monsters House – Fear on the Pier

  • What: Take your soul on a haunted journey with The Return of the Darkness Maze – perfect in case a ghoul eats your eyeballs, you won’t need em! The Dead City – the city that always eats, will be a spooky journey for all who own a brain. The city never stops eating, and they’d like to make you a part of their menu.
  • Where: Ogden Point, 203 Dallas Rd.
  • When: October 12th – October 31st.
    • 6:30pm-11pm Sun-Thurs.
    • 6pm-11:30pm Fri & Sat.

Atomic Vaudeville Halloween Cabaret

  • What: Picture if you will: You’ve carved your jack-o-lantern for All Hallows’ Eve and decided on a costume when suddenly you see something from the corner of your eye; a flash of terror, an uneasy cackle, a dance-off from beyond the grave. You try to make sense of it all, but something seems… off… your mind races, your palms are sweaty, your breath is shallow, your pupils – dilated. Was that scary clown a sloth?
  • Where: The Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St.
  • When: October 20, 21, 27, 28, and 31.

Horror Escape Rooms

  • What: You’re stuck in a room and you must escape – with no casualties. The Doll Master scenario will creep even the sturdiest of minds, while the Crimson Manor scenario has you guessing at the spooky tragedy of missing family members. The Cellar may be the creepiest of all, as you’re stuck in a basement learning that you are a player in a twisted mind’s game. Life or death await – which will you choose?
  • Where: 523 Broughton Street
  • When: Anytime after 3pm weekdays, and noon on weekends! Book online.

“Festival of Fear” Galey Farms

  • What: Galey Farm’s signature event features a Haunted House for kids, the much scarier 6000 square foot Carnevil Haunted House for adults, a haunted corn maze, Crazy Train and Seance. The Cornfield of Horror is fully animated and features The Haunted Mansion, Pirates Island, The Addams Graveyard and many more fabulous displays. Fun for all ages during the day, but gets much spookier after 6 pm.
  • Where: Galey Farms
  • When: October 13th, 15th, then 18th – 31. 6pm – 10pm.

Spooky Halloween by Point Ellice Gardens

  • What: Point Ellice House, rumoured to be a temporary morgue for those lost in the 1896 collapse of the Point Ellice Bridge (now the Bay St. bridge), is ready to spook and entertain those who enjoy all the spiritual world has to offer. Likely the most haunted house in town, Point Ellice House seems to be occupied by long-standing members of the O’Reilly clan.
  • Where: Point Ellice House and Gardens, 2616 Pleasant St.
  • When: October 27 – 29, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm starts.


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