Fall is upon us – that wondrous time of year when cozy sweaters are the norm, the smell of pumpkin pie is never far behind, and there are piles of crunchy leaves to jump in at every street corner.

But now that the infamous island rains have struck, those leaves have turned into gross piles of soggy waste.

Wondering what to do with it all? We have the answer!

Just leave them on the boulevard in loose piles, or tied up in clear, 100% compostable bags for pick-up.

Leaf Pick-up Dates by Neighbourhood:

  • James Bay, Fairfield, Rockland, Gonzales – October 29th, and December 12th
  • Oaklands, Fernwood, North Jubilee, South Jubilee – November 21st, and December 20th
  • Victoria West, Burnside Gorge, Hillside Quadra, North Park, Harris Green, Downtown – December 3rd, and January 3rd

If those dates don’t work for you, you can also contact the City Parks office at
(250) 361-0600 (until December 15th) to have them come collect the leaves for free.

Click here to find out more about the City of Victoria’s 2017 leaf pick-up program.