Victoria Police Dog
PSD Diesel - Photo via Twitter

He looks cute, but this dog isn’t every man’s best friend.

One Victoria man, in particular, experienced the tough side of Police Service Dog Diesel (pictured) on Monday night and is now in custody facing seven charges.

Officers were called to a residence in the 3100-block of Glasgow Street just after 9 p.m. on Monday, November 13, after a woman discovered that her residence had been broken into while she was home, babysitting a young relative.

Her purse, several pieces of identification, bank and credit cards, car keys and vehicle were all missing.

Responding officers located her purse and some items nearby and began a search for the stolen vehicle and remaining items. They notified other officers city-wide of the stolen vehicle.

While this first officer team was searching the property and gathering evidence, a VicPD K9 team spotted the stolen vehicle and initiated a vehicle stop in a parking lot in the 400-block of Gorge Road East.

One officer recognized the suspect from previous interactions and, knowing the suspect had carried weapons in the past, instructed the suspect to show his hands.

The suspect refused to comply and suddenly exited the stolen vehicle carrying something in his hands.

Police Dog Deployed As Weapon Feared

PSD Diesel pictured above as a puppy (left) and in March of 2017 (right).

Concerned the item in the suspect’s hand was a weapon, and with the suspect running towards a small group of people, the officer gave PSD Diesel the instruction to apprehend the suspect.

The suspect was taken to the ground but continued to fight with PSD Diesel and his handler, striking PSD Diesel in an attempt to escape.

He was taken into custody a short time later.

A small change purse and sunglasses case were located near the suspect’s person. The purse was found to contain drugs and items stolen from the residence.

The suspect was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, treated and released back into police custody.

PSD Diesel was not injured.

Officers are recommending charges of breaking and entering, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, obstruction, failure to comply with an undertaking and possession of a controlled substance.

More charges may be considered as the investigation is ongoing.