Remembrance Day
(ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz)

A new Ipsos poll shows that 37 per cent of Canadian Millennials are planning to attend a Remembrance Day event, a higher percentage than any other age group in the country.

Conducted for Historica Canada, the poll puts Millennials ahead of Gen X’ers (age 35-54) at 23 per cent and Baby Boomers (55 and over) at 29 per cent.

However, with poppy-wearing, the order of age groups reverses: 88 per cent of Baby Boomers plan to do so, measured against 72 per cent of Gen X’ers and 70 per cent of Millennials.

Total Ceremony Attendance Increasing

Overall, the number of Canadians planning to attend official Remembrance Day ceremonies in 2017 appears to be on the rise. This year, almost 30 per cent of respondents said a ceremony was in their plans, and 35 per cent said they’d go to one in 2018 (the centenary of the First World War armistice).

Ipsos said that the increase “may be influenced by the changing face of veterans”.

Their poll also found that for 84 per cent of Canadians, there is a sense that it is important to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies now because of the declining number of Second World War veterans present.

Nine in ten (94%) also agreed that on Remembrance Day, it is just as important to honour soldiers who have served in recent conflict as veterans of the First or Second World Wars.

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