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You can get a free medium Slurpee on “Reverse 7-Eleven Day” next week


This particular 7-Eleven day won’t be its usual beautiful July afternoon, but even if it’s in a snowstorm, a free Slurpee is nothing to complain about.

On November 7th, anyone craving a frozen delight can stroll into a 7-eleven and capitalize on Reverse 7-11 day.

But before you storm out the door that day – there is one catch. In order to acquire your free medium slurpee, you must be dressed backwards.

Zippers on your back, hoods in your face, and back pockets on your thighs are all that’s required to capitalize on this one-day promo.

Here’s a little something to get you into the spirit:

For serious slurpee supporters, we’ve counted fifteen 7-eleven locations in Victoria. Which means those who like a challenge could get 15 slurpees – and all it would cost is a brain freeze… or a dozen.

Challenge accepted?

Reverse 7-Eleven Day

Jeremy Weeres
Jeremy Weeres
Victoria Royals and hockey writer at Victoria Buzz

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