The Johnson Street Bridge has been lit up with blue lights in reference to the original bridge. (@CityofVictoria/Twitter)

If you’ve been by Victoria’s Upper Harbour at night, you may have noticed a festive blue glow emanating from the new Johnson Street bridge.

The City of Victoria tweeted a couple of photos showing them testing bright blue lights on it to commemorate the original bridge’s apt nickname: “Blue Bridge”.

This tag originated in 1979, after the Johnson Street bridge at the time was painted blue, following a series of repairs.

Current estimates claim that people will be able to walk, bike, or drive across the bridge by March 31st, 2018.

A source of controversy

The light installation is part of the many steps taken towards replacing the original structure.

The new Johnson Street bridge project began in November 2010, when 61% of people voted to replace the old structure. As it progressed, the path to its construction grew more and more difficult.

Original estimates predicted that the bridge would be completed by 2015. However, the first set of steel designed offshore by the Zhonghai Steel Structure, was found to be below standards, which delayed the project by 2 years.

Setbacks like these have resulted in the bridge’s budget ballooning from $63 million to $105 million.

The city is still certain that the “Blue Bridge 2.0” will be worth the wait – despite expenses, the new structure boasts reduced maintenance costs. The bridge will also be more inclusive, with 50% of the deck space being reserved for bikes and pedestrians.

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