Are you or is someone you know about to bring a new human into the world? If so, and in case you’re stuck with what to name the bundle of joy, let this list provide some inspiration!

The tally of the most popular baby names in the province in 2017 is almost complete, and we have the scoop on which ones are in the lead!

Vital Statistics Agency has revealed this sneak peak, that takes into account all the babies born in B.C. from January 1 to December 15, 2017. The final scoreboard will be available later in 2018.

Most popular baby boy names

So far in 2017, the name ‘Benjamin’ is in the lead, followed by ‘Liam’, ‘Logan’, and ‘Lucas’. It looks like ‘Ethan’ and ‘Oliver’ could lose their previous hold on the top 5, to be replaced by ‘Logan’ and ‘James’.

Most popular baby girl names

For newborn girls in 2017, the name ‘Olivia’ is vying for top spot, followed by ‘Emma’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Ava’.

Top 40 Baby Names in 2016

Top 20 Most Popular Boy Names in 2016

Lucas 231 Benjamin 222
Ethan 213 Oliver 210
Liam 200 Noah 199
James 189 William 186
Jacob 176 Owen 174
Hudson 162 Logan 158
Alexander 155 Jack 152
Lincoln 143 Nathan 143
Aiden 139 Daniel 133
Jackson 133 Mason 132
Other Boy’s Names*



Top 20 Most Popular Girl Names in 2016

Olivia 265 Emma 218
Charlotte 194 Ava 185
Sophia 175 Chloe 164
Emily 155 Abigail 152
Amelia 141 Evelyn 138
Hannah 129 Ella 127
Lily 126 Isla 125
Mila 117 Isabella 112
Avery 109 Scarlett 109
Mia 106 Aria 104
Other Girl’s Names*

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