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Oak Bay Police posts invoice for damages incurred by roaming tent city


Back in October, 2017 a temporary tent city set up camp behind the Oak Bay Municipal Hall.

Making its way around Victoria, its goal was to garner attention from municipalities, the provincial government, and the federal government, regarding the housing crisis and highlight the need for poverty-reduction plans.

Although it has since moved on, Oak Bay Police are now responding to a tweet from spokesperson and organizer Chrissy Brett. In it, Brett criticized the police department for “making it personal not policing.”

Oak Bay Police however, had an unexpected response:

“We have an invoice for you. It was initially going to be mailed to your home…but I felt we should just hold it for you for if you came back,” tweeted Oak Bay Police.

“Its for the damaged bench $1500 & 3 Hazmat call-outs ($500 each). I’ll hold it here and if you return to camp, it will be served on you.”

It is not clear if Brett intends to pay the invoice for the damage incurred under her leadership of the tent city, nor if the group will indeed return to Oak Bay. Brett responded to the police with a series of tweets regarding reconciliation among other topics, such as this most recent one:

The “roaming” tent city has lived up to its name

The group has spent four months in various municipalities across Greater Victoria. Every seven to fourteen days Brett and the nomadic protesters have moved their tents to a new spot.

Over the past year, their locations have included Langford, Colwood, Saanich, Cadboro Bay, and of course, Oak Bay. They are currently stationed in Langford, kitty corner to West Shore RCMP.

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