Here’s a cautionary tale about road rage for you:

Last summer, an accident took place near the McKenzie interchange in Victoria, and the dashcam footage from it was recently uploaded to YouTube on January 12th.

In the video, we can see a car suddenly slowing down, making the driver with the dashcam swerve to avoid crashing into it.

Further down the road, we see the same car trying to take over the driver, resulting in the ensuing accident.

The description on the video also makes it clear that the driver with the dashcam was not at fault in the eyes of the police or ICBC.

A criminal investigation was launched (which is why the footage is being revealed months later), but the outcome is unknown at this time.

Check out the footage for yourself:

*Warning: Explicit language

So remember, people: stay in the right lane, unless you are:

  • overtaking and passing another vehicle,
  • moving left to allow traffic to merge,
  • preparing for a left hand turn, or
  • moving left to pass an official vehicle displaying a flashing light.