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(December 2016/BC Government)

How much time do you spend waiting in traffic per day?

That’s what Inrix – a traffic data company – wanted to know about people in different cities across the world, to come up with a global scorecard of how each country/city ranks on the traffic congestion scale…

…and Canada didn’t do too well.

According to the report, we ranked #16 in the world, with the average Canadian spending about 27 hours waiting in their vehicles last year.

Here’s the full list


Victoria vs. the big cities

In spite of our infamous and much dreaded Colwood crawl, the highest amount of time spent in traffic by Victorians last year was 22 hours, which is far lower than the national average.

In comparison, Montreal dwellers spent an average of 50 hours stuck in traffic last year, while Torontonians spent 47 hours in traffic.


But wait

Although Inrix creates a fairly comprehensive database by ranking 1,360 cities in 38 countries across 5 continents, there are a few conspicuous absences.

Countries with extremely high population density like China and India have not been included in this list, despite being known to be highly congested.

So in reality, Canada might be better off on an international scale than insinuated with these statistics – but that doesn’t mean we can’t do even better!