Animal Cruelty Central Saanich
This four-year-old German shepherd-bernese mountain cross was found injured in the 7100-block of West Saanich Road on January 9.

The man who allegedly seriously injured a dog last month has been identified by Central Saanich police.

On January 12, 2018, 32-year-old Daniel Howard Ruygrok was arrested for causing serious injuries to a dog.

Ruygrok appeared in court on February 22, 2018 and has been charged with one count of Animal Cruelty for willfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to a dog.

Good Samaritan comes forward

A four-year-old German Shepherd-Burmese Mountain cross (pictured) was found with serious injuries to its leg and face  in the 7100-block of West Saanich Road.

A person driving by stopped to help the dog and brought it and Ruygrok to a home in Brentwood Bay.

The dog was then rushed to a veterinarian hospital when the dog’s owner realized it was seriously injured.

Ruygrok is currently on an undertaking not to have contact with the owner of the injured dog and not to own or possess any animal or be alone with any animal.

A good Samaritan sought in the initial release has come forward to assist in the investigation.

Ruygrok’s next court appearance is March 22.

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