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This golden retriever was nearly drowned by three otters off Dallas Road


A dog in Victoria is lucky to be alive after three otters attacked and nearly drowned her in the waters off Dallas Road on Tuesday.

A Facebook post by Kindred Spirits Veterinary Hospital warned other dog owners after ‘Goldie’, a golden retriever cross, was pulled under the water and nearly drowned while out swimming.

According to the post, the dog was out for a walk along the beach with a dog walker when she entered the water.

That’s when Goldie spotted an otter and decided to swim towards the otter to investigate.

“Let’s face it, she probably wanted to chase the otter, dogs will be dogs after all. What Goldie failed to realize, was that there were really three otters out for a swim. The otters did not appreciate Goldie’s intrusion,” the clinic wrote on Facebook.

The otters grabbed the 60 pound dog and began pulling her under the water.

Despite her best efforts to escape, the otters had a solid hold on.

Goldie’s dog walker ran into the ocean and managed to wrestle her from the otters.

“The otters had Goldie almost fully submerged with only her nose showing above water,” the post said.”If the dog walker had not been able to intervene, this might have had an awful ending.”

The dog suffered only a few bite marks and has made a full recovery and the dog walker was a bit shaken up – and cold from his ocean swim in February, according to the clinic.

The clinic said they’ve had other reports of otters trying to lead their dogs way out into the ocean in the past as well.

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