Tweet Victoria Snow
Photo by Colin Smith Photography

As you might’ve noticed, Victoria is currently blanketed in snow. And as per usual, people are having a hard time dealing with it. Icy roads, slippery sidewalks, and extra long commutes to work are all making this Thursday a lot more inconvenient than most.

And now, the City of Victoria itself appears to have unintentionally encapsulated our collective response to the weather with a hilarious tweet.

That doesn’t bode well.

The Twitterverse picked up on the irony of the city’s tweet pretty fast, prompting hundreds of likes and retweets, and throwbacks to a certain Alanis Morissette song.

A few hours after the original announcement, the city poked fun at themselves with an Office Space meme.

Victoria Police’s Twitter also appears to be having fun with the ice and snow, tweeting serious messages accompanied by hilarious gifs.

I guess snow in Victoria brings out the worst in our drivers, but the best in our meme game… Who would’ve thought?

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