Victoria High School (hey.yyj/Instagram)

BC’s oldest high school is in for an upgrade, and according to the Greater Victoria School District, it will come in one of three forms: a seismic upgrade, a rebuilt interior, or a full-on demolition and rebuild.

The plans are necessitated by Victoria High’s H-1 seismic ranking, which puts the school at the highest level of priority need when it comes to protection against earthquakes.

Located at 1260 Grant Street, Vic High opened May 1, 1914, and currently has a capacity of 850 students. However, enrollment is projected to increase by over 1000 students over the next decade.

Already, there are around 300 students in the Vic High catchment area that the school can’t accommodate.

Open Houses and Online Survey for Public to Voice Opinions

Two open houses will be held in April to provide an opportunity for the community to learn more about the options and provide input about what’s important to them when planning for the future.

Further consultation with community stakeholders and an online survey will also occur in April. All input will be presented to the Board of Education before considering options.

“Vic High has been an important institution in our community for over 100 years, and it’s essential that we hear from our community before we make decisions about how to best support student learning for the next 100 years,” noted School Board Chair Edith Loring-Kuhanga.

“The Board of Education will consider all of the input received from stakeholders and community later this Spring.”

Range of Possibilities

In a release, the Greater Victoria School District listed the following three options, as well as their estimated costs:

Seismic with upgraded building systems

• $40 M (+ Reserve) = $60-70 Million Range

Retain the exterior and rebuild interior

• $74 M (+ Reserve) = $100-110 Million Range

New school for 1000 students

• $47 M (+ Reserve) = $50-60 Million Range

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