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Here are Reddit’s top 10 “least favourite” things about Victoria


Most of the time, the /r/VictoriaBC subreddit is a relatively quiet place, with most posts garnering a few dozen upvotes and comments.

The site generally serves as a source for news, rumours, and discourse about BC’s capital city.

But occasionally, certain topics ignite a fiery discourse among this city’s resident “Redditors,” and yesterday the question of the “least favourite” thing about Victoria did exactly that.

As of this morning, a post entitled “What is your least favorite thing about Victoria B.C.?” had 364 comments, full of ranting and raving about the city’s shortcomings. It was only posted yesterday.

Several predictable topics made the top of the list, such as housing and infrastructure, but a few surprising additions also made the list, such as the lack of good shwarma and the seemingly tongue-in-cheek complaint of having a “lizard person” for mayor.

Top 10 “Least Favourite” Things

In a separate post made the morning of April 6, user eastside2thewestside made a graph of the most-upvoted, least favourite things (see below).

Victoria Least Favourite things reddit
Both the 9th and 10th ranked comments are presumed to be jokes – Photo via Reddit

Perhaps the most intriguing topic of complaint is the proliferation of “negative people”.

User iBrarian described these “negative” type of people as those “who love to complain and kvetch and act entitled even when they are in the wrong… Just a lot of miserable people who go out every day looking for something to write a letter about or complain about and walk around with a sourpuss face and cannot crack a smile.”


Alistair Ogden
Former staff writer at Victoria Buzz.

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