Baby Goat Cuddle
(Goat Yoga at Victoria Lavender/Facebook)

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Victoria Lavender, a farm located in North Saanich, is calling on the public to come cuddle its newborn baby goats.

Simply email with your name and availability, and they’ll (hopefully, demand will undoubtedly be high) assign you a timeslot.

Cuddling sessions will last half an hour on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, starting at 12 noon this Sunday, April 22nd.

Update: Over 5,000 responses

After receiving over 5,000 responses – the owners are stocked up on goat cuddlers for the season and we have removed their email.

Not Just Cuddling For Fun

Although the goat-cuddling promises to be an adorable experience, it actually serves a more practical purpose too.

Victoria Lavender offers Goat Yoga classes throughout the summer on Saturdays and Sundays (full details available on Facebook) and the cuddles help acclimatize the goats to human interaction.

In fact, Victoria Lavender has made it quite clear that these cuddles are relatively serious business.

“Please understand we are NOT a petting zoo, the cuddling is an important part of socializing the goat kids to be comfortable around humans,” Victoria Lavender wrote on Facebook. “The cuddling will be supervised by our staff and ONLY those signed up will be allowed in the pens.

“Please do not be disappointed if you are not called. You can still sign up (for) a goat yoga class and cuddle the adorable babies,” they added.

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