E&N Railway in Langford (Chris Allen Photography)

Premier John Horgan indicated this week that his government would not be bringing back a commuter train between Vic West and Langford, though he did express an interest in making other uses of the abandoned E&N Railway line.

Horgan made the comments at a Chamber of Commerce meeting on Tuesday, May 15.

Horgan’s statements come 14 months after the BC NDP announced a review into the business case for reinstating the train, which was shut down seven years ago.

That study was put on hold last November due to issues around feasibility and lack of a reasonable timeline to consult with First Nations.

In a statement to Victoria Buzz on Friday, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said that the province is committed to taking action to address uses for the E&N corridor, but that the work involved is complex.

The goal is “to revive the corridor to get people moving to and from the West Shore as quickly and efficiently as possible,” according to the ministry.

One solution the government proposes is increasing the number of bus lanes along the Trans Canada Highway—”a more immediate and efficient solution to gridlock.”

The government is planning to meet with stakeholders, including the Island Corridor Foundation (who owns the corridor), local governments, and First Nations to determine the best path forward.

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