(Beaver Tails/Instagram)

Save your sweet tooth for later this week!

The Canadian dessert brand, BeaverTails, is celebrating their 40th anniversary by giving away FREE classic cinnamon and sugar pastries to all customers on Friday, June 1st.

(Birthday Cake BeaverTail pastry)


The company has locations nationwide but will only be giving out free treats in select stores – and Victoria is one of the lucky few!

And whether you’re a long-time fan of the delicacy or are just about to discover the delicious dessert for the first time, everyone will have a chance to try their new creation:

the Birthday Cake BeaverTail pastry.

This limited-edition concoction involves vanilla icing, a mini cupcake, rainbow sprinkles, and a sparkler (to complement the fireworks in your mouth, of course). It will be available for the summer from June 4th to September 30th.

But before that, head over to BeaverTails at 602 Broughton Street on Friday, June 1st from 2 PM to 4 PM to grab your free classic cinnamon and sugar pastry.

We’ll see you there!