Bike lane additions would require a new pedestrian-controlled traffic light at the Yates intersection. (City of Victoria)

Victoria city councillors voted on Thursday to move ahead with designs for expanded bike lanes on Wharf Street and Humboldt Street. The 60% designs will now move to detailed design and construction tender.

They also voted to defer the Cook Street project in favour of accelerating work on a Vancouver Street lane.

Wharf Street

The approved Wharf Street design includes a two-way cycling track along the west side of the street. The lane will connect the Johnson Street Bridge and Pandora Avenue cycle tracks to the Government Street intersection.

Construction is estimated to begin after the tourist season in October 2018, with an estimated construction timeline of approximately eight months.

bike lane
Bike lane concept showing Johnson Street Bridge Connections connecting with Pandora and Johnson. (City of Victoria)

Humboldt Street

The approved concepts for Humboldt Street include a two-way protected bicycle lane on the south side of Humboldt between Government Street and Douglas Street.

A shared road treatment will be implemented between Douglas Street and Vancouver Street, and on Pakington Street between Vancouver Street and Cook Street.

Construction on the Humboldt lane is estimated to take around six months. There’s also potential that the Humboldt and Wharf projects could be bundled together.

humboldt bike lane
Two-way protected bike lane along the 600 block of Humboldt. On-street parking is marked in yellow, and loading areas in orange. (City of Victoria)
Proposal for the 700-900 block of Humboldt street, featuring a shared lane for vehicles and cyclists. (City of Victoria)

Cook Street

Following ongoing concerns around plans for bike lanes along Cook Street, city council voted in favour of deferring plans for the lanes entirely.

While the project won’t go ahead, the city will retain the data and technical information to inform long-term mobility and infrastructure planning in the future.

Instead, staff will move forward with designs for protected bike lanes on both sides of Vancouver Street between Pandora Avenue and Fort Street, and shared-road conditions between Fort Street and Southgate Street.


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