Forty-five BC Wildfire Service firefighters and two agency representatives who departed from Kamloops to Ontario on July 9. (@BCGovFireInfo/Twitter)

B.C. isn’t the only part of the country struggling with wildfires this season, as the BC Wildfire Service prepares to send an additional 55 firefighters to help with firefighting efforts in Ontario and Quebec.

Those personnel will join the 145 other firefighters that were sent earlier this week. 204 Wildfire Service personnel will be deployed in total by Friday, July 13, including:

  • 60┬áfirefighters (consisting of 20 Initial Attack Crews) and two agency representatives in Ontario, and
  • 140 firefighters (consisting of seven Unit Crews) and two agency representatives in Quebec.

Firefighting crews can be deployed out-of-province for up to 19 days, but can be recalled at any time. BC Wildfire Service says that sufficient personnel and resources will remain in B.C. to respond to fire activity at home.

There have been 622 wildfires in B.C. since April 1, according to BC Wildfire Service.

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