A photo from a real estate listing for Chorizo and Co. Spanish Eatery. The restaurant closed without explanation in early April. (garybazuik.com)

Good news, foodies: Chorizo And Co. Spanish Eatery is opening its doors once again this summer.

The popular restaurant closed in April after what was initially supposed to be a “short break” in March. The storefront was then listed for sale on a local realtor website.

There was no reason given at the time for the closure, but in a Facebook post on Monday, Chorizo and Co. say they’re now working towards opening their doors again in August.

In response to a question about the menu, the eatery said, “At this time we are not sure which menu items will continue, but stay tuned!”

The new owners told Victoria Buzz that they’re currently doing some renovations on the space, and will have more information soon.

Regardless of any menu changes, we imagine longtime fans of the eatery are just happy Chorizo is back, period.