A spine-chilling encounter in a BC river was captured on video earlier this week.

Corey Boux, a tour guide for Wedge Rafting at Tag Whistler, posted a video on Instagram showing a grizzly bear that appeared to be charging at a kayaker on the Elaho River in Squamish.

The footage shows the bear advancing towards the kayaker at an alarming speed, swimming over halfway through the river before slowing down.

The lead safety kayaker (who was the grizzly’s target) kept moving downstream to avoid the bear’s onslaught. They successfully evaded the bear, as did the three rafting groups behind.

In the comment section, Boux explained that the grizzly had been observed guarding a dead elk on the shore, and had identified the kayaker and rafts as possible threats.

As bears can be very unpredictable especially while guarding a food source, it is important to stay calm, stand still, and move slowly if you ever encounter one.

Click here for more information on what to do if you cross paths with a bear.

Check out the video: 

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