On Monday, there were reports of a dog who died after being left in a hot car for an extended period of time in Langford.

Today, West Shore RCMP have confirmed that on July 23rd, they responded to the call in a parking lot on the 2700-block of Veterans Memorial Parkway, and found a woman trying to resuscitate her dog but to no avail.

The pet had been left in her vehicle for several hours on a hot day, which resulted in its death. According to a release from the RCMP, the woman was upset and being comforted by bystanders when police arrived.

Earlier reports suggested that she had been intoxicated but RCMP stated that she was not.

Investigation is in the hands of the SPCA

“We recognize this is a difficult time for the dog’s owner and certainly empathise with her, we hope this tragedy may be a reminder to other owners the importance of leaving your pets at home when and wherever possible,” says Cst. Matt Baker of West Shore RCMP.

The case has been turned over to the BC SPCA who have launched an investigation into the incident. No charges have been laid against the woman at this time.

“Currently the last thing we want to do is provide information to rile up the public to take vigilante justice action against this woman,” Cst. Matt Baker told Victoria Buzz.

We have reached out to the SPCA for further comment.

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