Friday, July 19, 2024

Modo now allows drivers with ‘L’ licenses to use its carsharing service


In an effort to inspire the next generation to consider carsharing over car ownership, Modo has announced that it will allow drivers aged 16 and over with an ‘L’ designation to use its services, effective July 3.

The member-owned co-operative is the first carsharing company in North America to let learner drivers become members—a move that aligns with the co-op’s mandate to provide services that are as inclusive as possible.

Modo offers carsharing services with rates as low as $5 an hour. The co-op has over 600 vehicles in more than 20 municipalities across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan, which offers plenty of opportunity for learners to get in some practice hours.

“It’s very fitting that Modo is the first carshare in North America to enable younger people and those with an L to use our service, as it aligns exceptionally well with our purpose,” said Selena McLachlan, Modo’s director of marketing and business development.

“Families can save money and easily use our vehicles to gain the practice hours required, with learners as young as 16 able to join the co-op and start experiencing life without car ownership, while driving behaviours are still being formed.”

Young drivers will be designated as Green Members, who can join Modo under a Principal Member’s account, who must be a member-owner of the co-op, 25 and older, with a full license.

Modo says tying Green Members to a Principal Member will mitigate any increased risk to the co-op or its members. And like all L drivers, they must be accompanied by an adult with a full license.

“It’s great to see a business care about young people and future drivers. Lots of my friends don’t plan to ever own a vehicle, but we might still need one for trips or moving or our future careers and this will let us get some experience without all the hassle and expense of owning,” said Chloë Glave, a student at Eric Hamber Secondary School in Vancouver.

“Plus, it’s much better for the environment and cities to have less cars on the road.”

Myles Sauer
Former staff editor and writer at Victoria Buzz.

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