(Saanich Police/Twitter)

An afternoon of reckless and possibly impaired driving has landed a 34-year-old Saanich woman with charges of ‘failing to stop for police’ and ‘dangerous driving under the criminal

The woman in question was driving on the wrong side of the road and eventually collided with a Saanich police cruiser. She then proceeded to drive away at a slow speed despite police attempts to get her to stop.

She then crashed into several cement meridians and the police car (again), at a slow speed. She was arrested after steering her vehicle into a deep ditch.

Police said she was transported to hospital, as officers believed she may have been impaired by some type of illegal substance.

The 49-year-old police officer involved in the collision experienced some soreness and stiffness from the collision during his days off, but he did not miss any time from work due to injury.


The incident occurred on Saturday, August 18th just after 3 p.m., at the Elk Lake boat launch parking lot on Bear Hill Road.

Officers were first called to the scene after witnesses observed the two occupants of the parked car behaving “in an erratic manner”.

The front seat passenger tried to walk away from the scene after the vehicle collided with the Saanich police car the first time, but he was apprehended by two CRD bylaw officers in the area.

The driver herself was held in police custody overnight after being medically cleared, and a TeleBail hearing was held the next day.

There, she was charged with Failing to Stop for Police and Dangerous Driving under the Criminal Code, and then released to appear in court in early September.

Officers are currently investigating whether or not the driver was impaired by drugs.

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