(Photo by Clint Duffin)

As of this weekend, there are 31 new lightning-caused wildfires on Vancouver Island.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, the BC Wildfire Service has recorded dozens of these new wildfires across the island, most of which are attributed to lightning storms that occurred over the weekend.

The Coastal Fire Centre is working on assessing and putting out the fires, as we enter a week forecasted to be entirely dry.

(BC Wildfire Service)

As a few of the wildfires have been determined to be human-caused, authorities are encouraging the public to be extremely cautious while outdoors and dealing with flammable material.

The series of wildfires on the island and the mainland have caused a visible haze to settle on Greater Victoria, although no official smoke advisories are in place for the area yet.

Here is the weather forecast for the upcoming week:

(Environment Canada)