(Photo by Chrissy Brett)

Saanich police have been investigating several dozen firearm parts that were found sealed in police evidence bags and thrown into a dumpster.

The items were found by two residents of the Regina Park tent city encampment in a dumpster in the 3300 block of Douglas Street, near the Galloping Goose Trail at about 9 p.m. on Monday night.

They quickly turned the parts over to Saanich police with help from camp leader, Chrissy Brett, leading to an investigation into how they got there.

(Photo by Chrissy Brett)

The story behind the firearm parts

According to Saanich police, the firearm parts were seized from a storage locker in Saanich in January 2017, after a search warrant was executed in the 3900 block of Quadra Street.

After a full investigation, authorities determined that the over 100 firearm parts were the legal property of a 20-year-old Victoria man, who had no criminal history and held a valid possession and acquisition license (PAL) so they were returned to him in February 2017.

When they were recovered from a dumpster last night, Saanich police launched an investigation into how the parts ended up there and have been in touch with the owner.

“Canadian law does not regulate the possession of the individual firearm parts
which were found in the dumpster, such as barrels, slides and trigger assemblies,” reads a statement from the Saanich PD.

“Police are grateful to the individuals who turned these items in.”

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