File Photo (Jay Wallace Images)

Victoria police were able to apprehend and arrest two people after they attempted to flee in a stolen vehicle.

Last week, on August 21st, officers were checking on two people who were passed out in a car in the 700-block of Esquimalt Road.

When they asked the pair to step out of the vehicle, the driver started and reversed the car in an attempt to flee the scene.

Another officer used his police car to try and stop him. The suspect then sped at the police car, pretending as though he would ram the officer with his vehicle, but stopped just short of making contact.

He then sped off down a dead end road, where officers boxed him in and arrested him. The second suspect, who was in the vehicle at the beginning, had fled the scene but was arrested soon after by other officers on site.

Upon running the vehicle and license plates, VicPD discovered that it had been reported stolen out of West Shore.

Officers are now recommending seven charges against the two suspects under arrest.