(CBC Dragon's Den)

This is one nutty product we can get behind!

Victoria-based entrepreneur Jill Van Gyn appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den earlier this week to showcase her delicious and nutrient dense peanut butter.

Her goal was to get one of the venture capitalists on the panel to invest $200,000 in her company in return for a 15% share.

The product? Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter – an affordable jar of goodness that is also high in good fats and nutritional value.

And after three of the dragons bid on her product, work ethic, and persona, in the end Jill Van Gyn chose a partnership with Arlene Dickinson. For $200,000 and all the mentorship and food industry contacts Van Gyn will need, Dickinson is acquiring a 30% share in the company.

Fatso’s nutty origin story

The peanut butter, known for being delicious and charmingly bougie, is also full of nutritious super fats and healthy fibre.

Van Gyn, who has a Masters in Peace Building and Human Security, was exposed to a variety of exotic and traditional ways of using peanuts while doing field work in Uganda.

Inspired by local women that had become close friends, Van Gyn returned to Canada and developed her own delicious and nutrient dense peanut butter.

We can’t wait to try a Fatso PB&J sandwich! Check out the video: