Town of View Royal (Deb Becelaere)

The polls are closed, however View Royal already knew who its mayor would be for the next four years: Mayor David Screech ran unopposed and was therefore acclaimed.

But elections were still conducted in View Royal to determine who will be the next city councillors.

The results are in—here are the four new city councillors who will be representing the 10,000+ people of View Royal for the next four years:

Councillor Candidates (6 people running for 4 positions)

For Mattson, this will be his eighth term in office. Kowalewich will be serving his second term, and Rogers has been in office since 1996. For Lemon, this is his first term as councillor.

The municipality saw 2,244 people at the polls this year, out of 7,637 estimated eligible voters. 

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