With cannabis legalization just a couple days away, there are are some important things to know before flying with cannabis in your possession.

Last Thursday, RCMP and airport officials held a special information session at Victoria International Airport for passengers, employees, and visitors to the airport informing all those interested about the ins and outs of the upcoming legalization.

The session covered several topics including how it’ll affect the airport community and how it’ll work within the smoking bylaw.

When Canada legalizes weed on Wednesday, passengers on domestic flights will be permitted to carry up to one ounce, or 30 grams, in their carry-on or checked baggage.

But a reminder that while you are welcome to bring some B.C. Bud with you across the country, you are still unable to bring it on flights that leave Canada, even if your destination has legalized cannabis as well, like Colorado in the U.S.

“As a traveller, it is your responsibility to be informed about the laws of the country you intend to visit,” says the Government of Canada website. “This includes the legal status of cannabis use and possession in any country you may travel to.”

Transporting cannabis across borders, even for medical use, will remain illegal.

While cannabis legalization will go into effect on a federal level, provinces and territories will have independent discretion on how and where the substance can be sold, and can control various restrictions, like lowering the possession limit, raising the minimum age requirement, or restricting where it can be used in public.

You can check out our review of 22 cannabis regulations in B.C. that you should know, or the provincial government webpage on the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act here.

Cannabis will be legalized in Canada on Wednesday, October 17th.

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