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The homeless encampment that has been setting up tents in different locations across Greater Victoria is about to move once again.

As of October 17th, the group is situated on Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) land near the Saanich Fire Department along busy Highway 17 – but not for long.

The encampment set up at this location on Saturday, October 13th, and by Tuesday,  MOTI issued a notice to the camp ordering them to evacuate the property.

““If you do not cease your occupation of the Lands, you will be trespassing pursuant to the Trespass Act. You are directed to immediately vacate the Lands. Failure to do so is an offence under the Trespass Act,” read the trespass notice.

A press release from Saanich Police this morning stated that officers have notified the campers of their intentions to enforce the Trespass Act, so they will now have to vacate the premises.

Reports suggest that the encampment is moving to a park near their current location. Victoria Buzz has reached out to camp organizer Chrissy Brett for comment.


In April, the homeless encampment was established at Regina Park in Saanich, and eventually grew to roughly 75 people before moving in September to Rudd Park, and then later Goldstream Provincial Park.

Most recently, the camp had been on a private property in the 5000 block of West Saanich Road before moving to its current location beside Highway 17.

Saanich Police says evidence has shown that over the course of the encampment, at various locations, the rate of criminal activity in the areas increased.

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