British Columbia is one of Canada’s leading provinces in arts and culture, and today, the provincial government announced it would be spending almost $4 million in grants to support the industry this year.

The funding, which is just shy of $4 million in total, is nearly $1 million more than the province allocated last year, and will go to the B.C. Arts Council for distribution.

“We are pleased to announce these latest grants,” said Susan Jackson, BC Arts Council chair in the provincial news release. “These grants are an important part in supporting the development of B.C.’s creative communities to ensure our vibrant arts and culture sector stays strong.”

The B.C. Arts Council, with the help of peer-assessment, is planning on dividing its 2018 budget into:

  • $1.3 million for project assistance and early career development
  • $876,000 for operating assistance for not-for-profit organizations
  • $550,000 for media arts
  • $450,000 for assistance and strategic opportunities
  • $807,000 for scholarships.

According to the release, the United Nations has identified the creative industry as one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors for income generation, job creation, and export earnings.

Since 2010, B.C. has the highest growth in creative and cultural-sector jobs in all of Canada, and that growth is accelerating at a faster rate than the rest of the country.

“Support for arts and culture plays a key role in the vitality of B.C.’s creative economy,” said Lisa Beare, B.C Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

“We are helping to grow the full potential of B.C.’s arts and culture community by enhancing opportunities for British Columbians to succeed in their creative careers.”