A Sidney resident had a sneaking suspicion things were about to change after purchasing her weekly lotto ticket, and she was right.

Kathleen MacDougal won $1 million with a winning Lotto Max ticket. She matched all seven numbers to win a $1 million Maxmillion prize in the Oct. 12 draw.

MacDougal, who has spent much of her life caring for others, said “it’s a wonderful feeling for anybody. It just made me feel like the world is off my shoulders. Now I can afford to do what I want.”

A new wardrobe, hair, and nails are all in the works. “I’ve always looked after everyone else and now I’m going to look after me,” she said.

Out for a walk, she decided to check her tickets at the Pharmasave on Menzies Street.

“The retailer checked my ticket and she turned white! She asked me my name and said I had just won a million dollars,” she said. “I had to call my best friend to come and get me because I couldn’t even walk. The store staff were very good about it and wouldn’t let me leave until somebody came to get me. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking.”

Apart from a new look, MacDougal is planning a trip to Hawaii for some much-needed relaxation. Following that, she hopes to invest the money, enjoy some pampering and keep playing the lottery.

There were two other Maxmillion winners on Vancouver Island in the same draw.