(Image / Josh Stevens)

Did you misplace your new Christmas present?

If so, a good samaritan may have found it on the sundial at the peak of Mt. Tolmie.

On Thursday afternoon, Josh Stevens took to social media in hopes of reuniting a new Sony camera with its owner.

“My family and I just found this Sony camera at the sundial in Mount Tolmie,” said Josh in a facebook post.

“It looks as though the person who lost it set it down on the sundial and then walked away.”

If you are the camera’s owner, or know the owner personally, some conditions have been made in order to collect the missing item.

“There are some VERY specific pictures on it,” said Josh. “In-order to get the camera back you will need to describe the pictures and be someone who matches in one or more of the people in the pictures.”

If you think the camera is yours, you can contact Josh through Facebook here.

“Please help us get this camera back to its owner!”

The camera is pictured below:

(Image / Josh Stevens)
(Image / Josh Stevens)

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