(Ithaka Greek Restaurant)

If you’ve been living in Victoria for a while, chances are you’ve driven past Ithaka Greek Restaurant at the corner of Yates and Cook.

For those who’ve never been: they serve authentic Greek cuisine prepared by a Greek family with lots of love and a genuine passion for sharing Greek culture and heritage.

Nothing about a trip here is pretentious, as you’ll just find a consistent home cooked experience that is literally perfect for every occasion.

The name Ithaka was chosen by Tom, the father of the family, and it means that when achieving goals, it is not the goal itself that is valuable but the journey and the knowledge gained from the experiences along the way.

Victoria itself is this family’s Ithaka as they lived here previously, relocated, and worked hard to come back full circle, now creating a solid foundation for themselves on the island.

In trying to stay as in touch with Greece as much as possible, they import lots of ingredients from there as well as some of the alcohol. If you’re looking for Kanenas wine, named after Greek mythology, this is your spot!

The restaurant is currently doing up some daily specials for the holidays, which includes pork cabbage rolls served in an egg lemon sauce.

Call ahead to see what special they may have on any given day but make sure to stop by this month to catch them before they’re gone!  

Additionally, be on the look out for their hummus and tzatziki sauce at the Market stores on Yates and Millstream.

If you’re lucky you may even catch a traditional Greek dance during your visit or see a plate or two getting smashed. Opa!

Ithaka Greek Restaurant

  • WhenMonday – Saturday, 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Where: 1102 Yates St

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