(Image / Saanich Police)

A dangerous incident involving a police cruiser has prompted Saanich Police to issue a reminder to slow down and move over on roads after a careless motorist nearly hit a police officer on Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 4 p.m. on February 21st, a Saanich police officer pulled a vehicle over in the 700 block of Vernon Avenue. Once both cars had stop, the officer turned on his emergency lights and put on a high visibility vest to talk to the driver of the other vehicle.

After they had spoken, the officer returned to his cruiser and was about to enter it when a passing motorist drove by and swiped the car door, narrowly missing the officer.

Fortunately, the officer was unharmed but the cruiser door and passing vehicle both suffered damage.

“This incident is a strong reminder of how dangerous it can be for roadside workers
and why every driver has a responsibility to help ensure these workers’ safety” said Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Police, in a release.

Slow Down, Move Over

Saanich Police are reminding drivers of a provincial law that came into effect in 2009 called Slow Down, Move Over. The law requires drivers who are approaching a stopped vehicle with flashing lights to slow down by at least 10 km/h of the posted speed limit, and to move into another lane if the road is multi-laned.

The law is designed to protect roadside workers, which includes emergency service personnel, maintenance and utility workers, tow truck drivers, surveyors, garbage collectors, and more.

Drivers who fail to abide by this law can face a $173 ticket and 3 points on their driver’s license, with greater penalties in place if a roadside worker or vehicle is struck.

In this case, the female driver received both the ticket and demerit points.