Photo by Sarah Wispinski/Twitter - @Sarzattacks

Calling all Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds fans: we have a very serious question to ask!

This past Valentine’s Day weekend, a couple decided to spend the night at Victoria’s Inn at Laurel Point and requested the staff to leave a photo of Channing Tatum on the bed for them.

But what they found instead was an image of BC’s own Ryan Reynolds, along with a hilarious note from hotel staff.

Here’s what it said:

“Welcome back to the Inn at Laurel Point!

We received your request for a picture of Channing Tatum to be placed in your guest room, however as a local hotel, we like to support local and instead have provided a photo of BC’s Local Heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. If you still would like a photo of Channing Tatum you can find it in the trash.

The ILP Team”

And sure enough, when the guests checked the trash, there was indeed a picture of Channing Tatum (looking rather forlorn, if we say so ourselves) sitting neatly in the blue recycling bin.

According to a tweet from prank victim, Sarah Wispinski, the couple was “pleasantly surprised” when they saw the arrangement and found the whole thing “absolutely hilarious”.

However the Channing choice was not made intentionally.

Wispinski told Victoria Buzz that last year, they had asked the Inn to provide a photo of Prince, “just for funsies” and when the hotel came through with the request, the couple was delighted and had it framed. So they decided to continue the tradition this year.

“When we were booking our visit this time around, my boyfriend asked ‘who should we ask for this time?’ And I suggested Channing Tatum, he was the first celebrity who came to mind in that moment,” she said.

While Wispinski’s decision was arbitrary and not intended to favour Magic Mike over Deadpool, we have a feeling some people may have a stronger opinion.

So here’s our question, Victoria: if you could meet one of these two Hollywood hunks, would you #supportlocal and go for Ryan Reynolds, or choose Channing Tatum instead?